Rebecca Reicher is our Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Therapist. She is experienced in post surgical rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehabilitation in women and men, and in providing Complex Decongestive Therapy for management of Lymphoedema.

Early Intervention Screening for Breast Cancer (5 visits 45 minutes each)

Early intervention screening of Lymphoedema is considered the Gold-Standard in care for women undergoing surgery for breast cancer including the potential removal of lymph nodes. Previously management of Lymphoedema only commenced once swelling changes were visible, this often meant that the swelling by this stage was irreversible. However thanks to technological advances, we can now detect changes in the lymphatic system sub-clinically that is before any significant swelling and tissue changes can occur. This early stage when treated appropriately can be reversible and the significant and often disfiguring swelling previously seen post breast cancer surgery can be prevented.

Initial screening
Pre-operative to allow baseline measurements to be taken and to inform you about what to expect in the early post-operative period

Second screening
2-4 weeks post-operative or once drains are removed

Subsequent screenings
3 monthly

With a referral from your GP, Medicare rebates may be available under a Chronic Disease Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements. Rebates may also apply if Physiotherapy is a part of individual/family private health cover. Please refer to our rebate page for more information.