Melissa Meier - Dietitian

Melissa is an energetic and enthusiastic Accredited Practising Dietitian. She is passionate about helping others to lead healthier lives and teaching people how to use nutrition to better their health. Her nutrition philosophy focuses on real, wholefoods and finding balance. 

Melissa has a background in sport, having completed a Bachelor of Applied Science (Exercise and Sport Science) before moving on to study her Master of Nutrition and Dietetics. She grew up in a very active family and participated avidly in swimming, dancing and basketball as a youngster.

Melissa is interested in a range of clinical areas in dietetics, including oncology, heart disease, hypertension, IBS, food allergies and intolerance and weight loss. She is also particularly interested in Coeliac Disease, having lived with the condition for almost ten years herself. 

Throughout her studies, Melissa became well-versed in the nutritional management of diabetes (gestational and Type 2), aged care, oncology, colorectal surgery and mental illness. She also gained valuable experience in corporate health. 

Melissa also has thorough knowledge of children’s nutrition. She completed her Masters research project on the nutritional quality of children’s lunchbox snacks, so has an extensive understanding of food products that are targeted at this age group. Melissa was also recently involved in the development of an e-book on children’s nutrition.

As an outlet for her creative side, Melissa is heavily involved in nutrition journalism, writing for the likes of myBody+Soul and Healthy Food Guide on a regular basis.