Anna Roberts - Exercise Physiologist

Anna is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist with a Masters in Exercise Science and a Masters in Brain and Mind Science from the University of Sydney. Anna has a particular interest in mental health and cancer and the role exercise plays not only for physical well-being but psychological health as well.

Anna has experience working with a range of different population groups, from healthy clients, adolescents and athletes to those with chronic conditions. She has trained clients dealing with obesity, cancer, cardiovascular disease, disabilities and musculoskeletal injuries.

Training sessions with Anna are relaxed and focussed on an individual’s goals and needs. Sessions are personalised and take into consideration a client’s mood and energy levels.

Anna looks forward to helping improve general wellbeing and quality of life, while making  exercise a fun and social experience for everyone. 




Aishani Arur - Exercise Physiologist

Aishani is an accredited exercise physiologist with a Bachelor in Exercise Physiology from the University of New South Wales. Aishani’s interests include the beneficial role of exercise for cancer survivorship, especially in the improvement of mood and mental wellbeing. She is also interested in women’s and paediatric health.  

As a dancer, Aishani believes that to get the body moving even just a little bit makes all the difference. Her exercise sessions are individualised and focus on what the client can and wants to do in order to feel good about themselves after. Aishani strongly believes that exercise should be enjoyable and safe; her passion is in helping those with chronic conditions learn to manage their condition and become stronger, both physically and mentally.  

Aishani has worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from healthy primary school aged children to World War 2 veterans. She prides herself on being able to engage with people from all types of backgrounds and abilities, and has treated a number of cardiovascular, metabolic and musculoskeletal conditions.  

Aishani’s goal is to help people understand that exercise can be fun and doable for everyone from all walks of life.