Mat Pilates is a great exercise option for cancer patients. It is low-impact and features exercises that can be easily modified to suit a patient’s needs and abilities. 

Pilates may contribute to feeling stronger, have better circulation, and can help to relieve the stress of treatment and recovery. Pilates exercises develop strength in the body’s core muscles in the abdomen and back, and increase overall flexibility and coordination. Pilates exercises can be done with no equipment but a mat, moving just the body in a series of movements with focused attention on breathing and muscle control. 

Regular Mat Pilates can lead to improved hormonal and physiological responses to exercise which leads to improved overall  physical functioning. The aim of a regular Pilates Mat class is restoring movement through clinical exercise physiology principles. Benefits can be seen in participants ranging from elite athletes to the elderly.

To attend our Pilates Mat classes you will need to be a member of Wellac Lifestyle Fitness. For full membership details please review the Fitness Membership page on our website and discuss with reception. Casual Membership is $30 per class. Rebates for fitness membership and classes may apply depending on your private health cover

Our Group Pilates Mat classes are run by our highly experienced Exercise Physiology team. Please refer to our weekly timetable for class times.