Exercise and Nutrition for Cancer and Chronic Health Conditions


The current evidence suggests that almost ALL cancer patients will benefit from scripted exercise from trained exercise professionals. Doctors and Health professionals are perfectly placed to make these recommendations and inform patients.

Patients with other chronic health conditions and generally, will also benefit and there is much evidence to support this.

The World Cancer Research Fund International also recommends that ALL cancer patients receive at least 1 professional dietitian/nutrition consultation.

Furthermore, the evidence also supports the long term gains of psychosocial support throughout an entire cancer “journey” from diagnosis to Survivorship/living with cancer. This is also true for other chronic health conditions.

It is time for Australian health professionals to embrace these recommendations and provide our patients with optimal cancer and general wellness holistic care.

Scripted exercise- using “exercise as medicine” is best overseen by university trained exercise professionals.

Exercise Physiology can help those affected by cancer and chronic disease

  • gain strength

  • prevent arthritis

  • improve chronic fatigue

  • lessen neuropathy

  • help with mood

  • improve circulation

  • deal with short and long term side effects of treatments

  • improve quality of life

  • lessen the risk of cancer recurrence.

We recommend some form of exercise and nutrition program for ALL cancer patients and for ALL patients with chronic health conditions.