Information For Doctors and Health Providers


The current evidence suggests that almost ALL cancer patients will benefit from scripted exercise from trained exercise professionals. Doctors and Health professionals are perfectly placed to make these recommendations and inform patients.

Patients with other chronic health conditions and generally, will also benefit and there is much evidence to support this.

The World Cancer Research Fund International recommends that ALL cancer patients receive at least 1 professional dietitian consultation.

Furthermore, the evidence also supports the long term gains of psychosocial support throughout an entire cancer “journey” from diagnosis to Survivorship/living with cancer. This is also true for other chronic health conditions.

It is time for Australian health professionals to embrace these recommendations and provide our patients with optimal cancer and general wellness holistic care.

Scripted exercise- using “exercise as medicine” is best overseen by university trained exercise professionals. Exercise Physiologists have a minimum of 4 years at University and are experts in utilising exercise for chronic disease.

Exercise Physiology can help those affected by cancer and chronic disease

  • gain strength
  • prevent arthritis
  • improve chronic fatigue
  • lessen neuropathy
  • help with mood
  • improve circulation
  • deal with short and long term side effects of treatments
  • improve quality of life
  • lessen the risk of cancer recurrence.

We recommend some form of exercise program for ALL cancer patients.

Wellac Lifestyle’s exercise programs are run and overseen by experienced exercise physiologists with special skills and training related to cancer and chronic disease care.

We have individual personalised programs and couple sessions in addition to small group classes. The sessions are tailored to the needs of the individual taking into consideration their personal circumstances, symptoms and level of fitness.

In order to receive optimal Medicare rebates, a patient is recommended to see their GP to obtain a GP Chronic Disease Management Plan/Team Care Arrangements with

  • Referral to our Exercise Physiologist for an initial 2 -4 sessions depending on need
  • Referral to our Dietitian/Nutritionist for a minimum of 1 consult, more depending on need.

Once a patient has had at least 2 individual or couple Exercise Physiology sessions, they are free to join group Exercise Physiology classes with the use of light equipment in addition to floor work.

A GP Chronic Disease Management Plan will also provide a Medicare rebate for our CANCER SURVIVORSHIP MEDICAL ADVISORY SERVICE. This service is run by our Medical Director and is for those patients who require guidance regarding general Cancer Survivorship Care and planning. It is not a GP service. Patient goals, concerns, issues relating to a cancer diagnosis, treatment, and Survivorship can be addressed and discussed. Holistic Survivorship recommendations may be made related to supportive services, inclusive of exercise, diet, Psychosocial needs, supports etc.

Doctors and health professionals may consider referring patients/family members to this service, if guidance is required for general Survivorship care and there is uncertainty of which services to utilise and the optimal way forward along the “Survivorship” pathway.

Regarding our PSYCHOLOGY SERVICE, a GP Mental Health Care Plan will provide 6 initial consultations that attract a Medicare rebate, with a further 4 consultations that attract a Medicare rebate after a GP Mental Health Review, as per the current practise standards for access to all community psychology services.

Wellac Lifestyle also offers

  • Lymphoedema Prevention and Management
  • Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
  • Breast Cancer Early Intervention
  • Pelvic Care for Men and Women
  • Oncology and Remedial Massage
  • Reflexology
  • Restorative Yoga Classes
  • Personalised Yoga Therapy

With more to come...

There is also a lovely space for support groups, or just to relax.

Referral form is accessible on our website, and although very helpful, is not essential. Patients can also self refer.

We ask that a patient bring any relevant radiology reports with them to their initial Exercise Physiology/Physiotherapy Session.

If a patient doesn’t have a GP Care Plan to bring, a general health summary is requested if possible.

Please contact Wellac Lifestyle on 02 93443875 or if more information is required