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Wellac Lifestyle

Wellac Lifestyle welcomes all health and cancer backgrounds, all genders, ages and levels of fitness. Our focus is on Wellness After, And during Cancer; as well as on Wellness And Contented Living.

Our aim is for your longevity of health no matter your health background or possible current diagnosis. Wellac Lifestyle is here to support you for the long term both through illness and through health and everything in between! Our approach is that of personalised and holistic wellness for Contented Living as well as for Life during and for Life after cancer. 

Wellac Lifestyle offers personalised, focused medical wellness consultations for all. The consultation direction and emphasis will be guided by your needs and aims.

General Health and Wellness

Cancer Wellness and Survivorship

Wellness for Chronic Health Conditions/Chronic Injuries

Wellness for Weight Management

Wellness for Mental Health

Wellness for Athletes and Fitness Enthusiasts

Wellness for Reproductive Health