Our Story

Wellac Lifestyle

We are an innovative, evidence based multidisciplinary Wellness Centre. Wellac Lifestyle has two main service components- Cancer Survivorship and General Wellness.

Our Cancer Survivorship services are for those that have been affected by cancer, either currently or in the past along with supportive services for partners, family members and carers. Our General Wellness Services are open to those with a chronic illness, those with a family history of a medical condition wishing to reduce their risk,  as well as generally to the broader community, to anyone aiming to optimise their health and wellness. We welcome all health and cancer backgrounds, all genders and levels of fitness. Our focus is on Wellness After, And during Cancer;  as well as on Wellness And Contented Living.

We offer a boutique and specialised fitness and wellness environment. Instead of becoming a member of a generic gym, who do not understand your personal health experiences, come and join Wellac Lifestyle! All of our health professionals and staff are passionate, skilled and experienced in Cancer Survivorship and General Wellness. Our programs are personalised in addition to offering a small group exercise environment. Our staff will work with you to achieve your health wellness goals while aiming to improve any troubling current symptoms and issues, some of which may be related to a past cancer or medical treatment. For those without symptoms or concerns, we can also create an individualised program to meet your needs and at an appropriate fitness level.

Our environment is one of personalised support and positive psychology. Our aim is for your longevity of health no matter your health background or possible current diagnosis. Wellac Lifestyle is here to support you for the long term both through illness and through health and everything in between! Our approach is that of personalised and holistic wellness for Contented Living as well as for Life during and for Life after cancer. 

Our centre is relaxing and inviting. We welcome you to network and make new friends and acquaintances.

In addition to our personalised exercise services, led by our experienced and university trained Exercise Physiologists, we offer small group Exercise Physiology Classes, Restorative Yoga Classes and Personalised Yoga Therapy. Classes can be accessed through Wellac Lifestyle Fitness Membership or casually.

Beyond exercise, Wellac Lifestyle runs a high quality, affordable Supportive Cancer Survivorship  and General Wellness Health Service. Our health professionals are passionate, skilled and experienced and are here to support you to achieve your health goals no matter where you are on your  Health and "Survivorship journey".

Services include:-

Psychology Consults

Dietitian and Nutrition Consults/Meal Plans

Lymphoedema Prevention and Management

Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation

Breast Cancer Early Intervention

Pelvic Care for Men and Women

Oncology and Remedial Massage


General Cancer Survivorship Medical Advisory Service