Rebecca Reicher is our Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Therapist. She is experienced in post surgical rehabilitation, pelvic floor rehabilitation in women and men, and in providing Complex Decongestive Therapy for management of Lymphoedema.

Unfortunately many men experience incontinence and erectile dysfunction following radical prostatectomy surgery. Physiotherapy and pelvic floor rehabilitation that commences before surgery has been shown to significantly decrease the severity and duration of incontinence. Rebecca is able to assess you pelvic floor function and teach you how to strengthen the pelvic floor safely and effectively with the use of ultrasound.

For Women, pelvic floor rehabilitation has been shown to be beneficial to those experiencing bladder urgency, frequency, incontinence, pelvic heaviness and/or pelvic pain. Often surgery and/or radiation therapy can cause scarring as well as a change in how the pelvic floor muscles are working. Rebecca can teach you how to correctly and safely strengthen your pelvic floor, as well as teach you how to address scarring and tightness associated with radiation therapy.

Consults are 1 hour in length 

With a referral from your GP, Medicare rebates may be available under a Chronic Disease Management Plan and Team Care Arrangements. Rebates may also apply if Physiotherapy is a part of individual/family private health cover. Please refer to our rebate page for more information.