Katharine Hodgkinson - Director of Pyschology Services

Dr Katharine Hodgkinson, Clinical Psychologist has over 20 years’ experience in client care, research and education. She has worked in community, hospital and private settings providing psychological services to those dealing with range of emotional and health concerns.

Interventions assist with managing common concerns such as depression/low mood; anxiety/stress and living with uncertainty; communication and care decision-making; managing pain, fatigue and sleep difficulties; living with adjustment and grief, and managing intimacy and sexuality. This is in addition to targeted strategies to support to those affected by a cancer diagnosis at all points across the care continuum.  Katharine has a long standing interest in women’s cancer care and enhancing adjustment post cancer. She established the Intimacy Clinic several years ago in recognition of this important but neglected area of health care and wellbeing.

Katharine has published numerous research papers and has co-authored several book chapters on psychological and spiritual issues in gynecological oncology and cancer survivorship.  She co-edited the book “Psychosocial Care of Cancer Patients. A Health Professional’s Guide to What to Say and Do” (Hodgkinson K and Gilchrist J, Ausmed Publications) in 2008 and recently co-authored chapters on psychosocial concerns and communication skills for health professionals in the 2015 Melanoma Institute Australia’s text, "Melanoma Essentials – A Concise Guide".

Katharine’s PhD with the Department of Psychological Medicine, University of Sydney identified predictors of distress and unmet supportive care needs in cancer survivors and their partners. The research resulted in the development of two empirically validated measures to assess unmet needs in cancer survivors and their partners (the CaSUN and CaSPUN) which are being in used in various research studies internationally.
Katharine has ongoing involvement in educational activities with both patients and health professionals. 


Emily Dylan - Consulting Psychologist

Emily has extensive experience working with clients with a range of complex physical, medical and emotional challenges. She has particular expertise in treating anxiety and depressive disorders, as well as assisting those recovering from cancer, illness and work-related injury.

Emily offers strategies and skills to help people recovering from illness to live a meaningful and fulfilling life; strategies may target dealing with changes to physical functioning, managing the emotional impact and/or achieving important lifestyle goals. She offers research-based interventions based on current best-practice research evidence that supports the effectiveness of interventions that use Cognitive Behaviour Therapies (CBT), mindfulness and other therapeutic techniques to support to those affected by a cancer diagnosis at all points across the care continuum.  

Emily’s current skill set is based on a wide breadth of experience,  working with clients in a range of settings for the last 13 years. She has had numerous roles across a spectrum of areas and brings this wealth of knowledge and experience to her work with those that have been affected by cancer. She also has skills in the administration of psychological tests for vocational assessment, pre-employment assessment reports, vocational counselling and critical incident debriefing sessions. She has worked as a Psychologist for the NSW Workplace Tragedy Family Support Group.

Emily holds a Psychology degree from the University of Canberra, Graduate Diplomas in both Counselling and Applied Psychology, and has completed advanced training empirically in validated interventions including Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Acceptance Commitment Therapy, and Mindfulness techniques. She is an Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society.