Our Consulting Psychologist is Emily Dylan. She offers strategies and skills to help people recovering from illness to live a meaningful and fulfilling life; strategies may target dealing with changes to physical functioning, managing the emotional impact and/or achieving important lifestyle goals.

Emily offers research-based interventions based on current best-practice research evidence that supports the effectiveness of interventions that use Cognitive Behaviour Therapies (CBT), mindfulness and other therapeutic techniques. Her services are also open to partners, carers and family members.

Interventions assist with managing common concerns such as: depression/low mood; anxiety/worry/stress; living with uncertainty and fears of disease recurrence; communication and decision-making; managing pain, fatigue and sleep difficulties; living with adjustment and grief, and managing intimacy and relationships. Emily offers a range of targeted strategies and support to those affected by a cancer diagnosis at all points across the care continuum. 

Emily offers individual as well as couple/family consultations. All consults are 50 minutes in length.

With a current GP Mental Health Care Plan, and referral to Emily Dylan at Wellac Lifestyle, patients/clients can receive 10 consults that attract a Medicare rebate in a 12 month period.

Some Private Health Cover also offer rebates, please check with your Private Health Insurer for details.