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Despite a growing body of scientific evidence supporting exercise, optimal nutrition and healthy lifestyle in not only preventing cancer, yet in preventing cancer recurrence, ameliorating the side effects of some cancer treatments, in addition to improving quality of life and energy levels, many cancer patients, cancer survivors and their families, in Australia, are NOT being informed of such. 
Health professionals with minimal exposure to cancer patients are also unaware. Furthermore, healthy lifestyle is essential in other chronic health conditions in addition to playing a vital role in general health and wellbeing and prevention of future illness for all.

There are even current trials looking into the benefits of exercise within hours of cancer treatments aiming to see if exercise enhances the anti cancer effects. 
We have entered the era of Exercise as Medicine, and we need the structures in place to provide such services to the community and build awareness.

The evidence supporting exercise and healthy lifestyle measures is becoming so strong that some are advocating for exercise and wellness care to be incorporated into standard practise cancer and other chronic disease care. Unfortunately, in Australia we are very behind regarding standardly recommending such supportive care.

The World Cancer Research Fund International has recommendations for Cancer Survivors based on worldwide evidence which continues to be analysed. They recommend that all cancer survivors should receive nutritional care from an appropriately trained professional and that cancer survivors should aim for a healthy weight, and partake in regular physical activity. The term "cancer survivor" refers to those living with a diagnosis as well as to those whom have recovered.

The research continues. The Continuous Update Project is an ongoing programme to analyse global research on how diet, nutrition, physical activity and weight affect cancer risk and survival. Among experts worldwide it is a trusted, authoritative scientific resource, which underpins current guidelines and policy for cancer prevention.

Barriers to the recommendations go beyond lack of education or knowledge. Cancer Survivors and their families are unsure how best to exercise. For how long? What symptoms are expected? When it comes to diet, they are also unclear,as some have issues with weight loss, others with weight gain. Some have bowel issues, some absorption issues. Cancer patients, survivors and their families need GUIDANCE AND SUPPORT along the Survivorship journey. Needs may change along this path. Therefore skilled health professionals should be involved. Adding to this, professional guidance is often necessary for those without cancer, whom wish to optimise their health, manage a chronic health condition, and improve overall quality of life.

This is where Dr Elysia Thornton-Benko by establishing Wellac Lifestyle-"Wellness After, And during Cancer" and "Wellness And Contented Living", wants to make a difference. The whole body and mind needs to be addressed when moving through a Cancer diagnosis from treatment to Survivorship and/or  when attending to general health needs.

What makes Wellac Lifestyle special is that it is away from a medicalised hospital environment and is a relaxing and an inviting space, offering more exercise space than most other exercise physiology facilities. Wellac Lifestyle is open to ALL cancer backgrounds and types of cancers/tumours. Services are available to family members, partners and carers. Our Wellness and Contented Living component is open to everyone, no matter their health background. All of the supportive services are under the one roof, with more services to come in the near future. There is even a beautiful space to relax, which is also open to support groups and facilitators or just a space to be mindful and reflect while enjoying the beautiful mural.

The Cancer and General Community deserve these services in order to achieve optimal health and wellness outcomes. 

Our team at Wellac Lifestyle are dedicated and passionate in making a difference and to supporting our cancer Survivorship/ “Thrivor” and General Community.


We welcome you to Wellac Lifestyle!