Kate Mitchell - Yoga Therapist

Kate is a qualified Yoga Instructor and Yoga Therapist.
Kate teaches Yoga because she is passionate about it’s health benefits and specialises in relaxation, stress relief and posture. 
“I love helping students to empower themselves and bring balance and stability to their lives.”
In her Yoga Therapy one to one sessions, Kate designs a personalised Yoga practice,  taking into consideration medical history, mental and physical state, with the aim of empowering and aiding healing.
In her classes, Kate specialises in Restorative Yoga, which encourages slowing down, quieting the mind and helps to restore the body to a more rejuvenated, healthy, balanced state. 
The benefits of yoga include improved sleep, joint mobility, stress reduction, calming the physical body and mind, reduced fatigue, increased flexibility, deep relaxation, more mental balance, gentle stretching of the physical body.
“My approach in my class and one to one sessions is therapeutic, with a means to restoring the body back to it’s natural state. Working with people to aid illness, physical injury and to bring balance back into busy lives. I am passionate about getting the body moving in a gentle way to aid joint and general mobility. I love passing on knowledge to my students and giving them accessible, practical tools to use in their life to aid overall wellbeing.”